August 28, 2006

Decision #003 - TURN 180° the current strategy

The VSE plan is a prison with a single rule that dictate the return to the moon.

The consequence is that NASA must build the right vehicles to accomplish that mission ...and the easy way is the "remake" of the Apollo/LEM duo! (..."on steroids")

Excluding the Orion (that can be used also for orbital missions) ALL the ESAS hardware has a "purpose-specific" design instead of a (more rational) "multipurpose" architecture.

But ghostNASA is a "virtual" space agency (not influenced by politcs...), so, I can do the RIGHT choices and delete/avoid ALL bad/absurd/unrational/risky/expensive choices of the real space agencies!

Then, my 3rd DECISION is to TURN 180° the current strategy!

Now the VSE sequence is:

1. come back to the moon!

2. then... remake two new (purpose-specific) Apollo and LEM

3. then... build the "purpose-specific" rockets able to launch these "purpose-specific" vehicles.

After a complete 180° rotation of the VSE plan, the ghostVSE sequence is:

1. build one or more MULTIPURPOSE rocket(s) able to lift 80+ mT payload to LEO

2. design a whole range of MULTIPURPOSE (AND, some, "purpose-specific") vehicles, modules, cargo, tools, etc.

3. use the multipurpose rockets, vehicles, etc. to accomplish different missions (including some moon landings).

Thanks to the "180° rotation of strategy" ghostNASA can design all the future manned or automated missions (with many different missions' architectures) without "rebuild" them (everytime!) from zero! (all this in less time and with less money!)