August 31, 2006

Decision #004 - Use an egg-shaped capsule

I think that we need a little, safer and cheaper new-Shuttle for large access Space (as I've explained in my VISUAL article) but I know that a capsule is the best and simplest vehicle to perform an earth-moon-earth travel with an earth-direct re-entry (like required in the ESAS plan) then, why don't build the BETTER capsule possible?

My decision is to test (and use, if the tests give good results) an "egg-shape" for the new caspule that ghostNASA will use for the moon missions.

The "EggOrion" (that I explain in my latest article) may have MORE internal space with an external diameter of only 4.5 mt. (or less) and is more aerodynamic.

I think that the "egg" has two great advantages at re-entry if compared with the cone-CEV and the true-bell Soyuz: a better distribution of the hot flux under the TPS that detaches faster away from the capsule (thanks to its aerodynamic) and a lower CG that increases the monostability of the capsule and a ballistic re-entry (that is safer for the crew, especially in case of failure of the control jets or a wrong/delayed use of them).

Of course, the "egg" needs study, calculations and tests, but I think that it may result better and SAFER than (both) the cone and the true-bell.