September 03, 2006

Decision #005 - Use ONLY ready available engines

The most advanced space vehicles can't be made with rush (since they must fly with humans aboard) but need time and money.

However, I don't see any good reason to LOSE giant amounts of that time and money "re-inventing the wheel".

I think it's simply crazy to lose 3+ years and 3+ billion$ to modify the (ready available, cheap, reliable and man-rated!) standard SRB to have (only) a small increase of thrust (as explained in my SRB article) or spend MANY billion$ and SIX years to design, build and test the J-2x!

Then, my decision is to use ONLY ready available engines (or engines that need small changes) for ALL new ghostNASA's rockets to save GIANT amount of time and money and launch the new orbital and lunar missions sooner!

The consequence of my decision is that (both) the 5-segments SRB and the J-2x are scrapped from the ghostESAS plan (in my future posts I'll decide which engines must be used for the new rockets).